My husband’s previous mistress however posts images of them collectively on social media, in this week’s Pricey Prudie excess.

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Q. Don’t want photograph reminders: My husband had an affair in an additional metropolis for a year. I experienced no strategy, and uncovered out 3 a long time soon after it ended. I looked the female up on social media (as I am positive she did with me). She has a number of images of him in group settings from that time. She has even re-posted them, hence maintaining them “alive.” The affair fizzled. He has not spoken to her. She knows I experienced no notion about her existence.

I want to speak to her to ask that the images be taken down. Do you think there’s an approach that could do the job? Side observe: I have picked to remain in my relationship and know my wife or husband is to blame for placing me by way of this. But girl, have a heart and consider down the photos.

A: I guess there’s no damage in asking but this does not appear like a winning tactic to make a request of a girl who clearly has no regard for you or your relationship. Your aspect take note is correct but blame is not the only difficulty in this article. If you want to stay with your husband, you have to in fact perform on processing and becoming Ok with what happened. It’s usually far better to do that operate than to test to strongarm other people—especially people who have demonstrated a willingness to hurt you—to do items to take care of your feelings.