Scientists assert to have discovered notable social media influencer in QAnon conspiracy

A popular voice in the QAnon conspiracy movement could have been unmasked by intelligence researchers.

Analysis organization Logically released a report naming the superior profile QAnon user likely by the Twiter manage “qthewakeup” as Jeremy “JJ” Sicotte, a documentary filmmaker.

The “qthewakeup” account was in the end banned from Twitter, but not prior to racking up extra than 140,000 followers and spreading misinformation that pushed lies about the coronavirus and the Wayfair household furniture firm.

Logically arrived at out to Mr Sicotte, who denied possessing anything at all to do with the account.

With regards to Wayfair, the qthewakeup account along with many other QAnon believers began spreading baseless statements that the home furniture company was engaged in child human sex trafficking, and that customers with the understanding of how the program works could order little ones via their catalog.

The story was obviously nonsense, but it nevertheless resulted in several Wayfair employees being harassed and in some situations threatened by QAnon believers.

Logically hopes that by unveiling the person driving the account, it will reduce the person from seeking to force any other intense and baseless theories.

Nick Backovic, the direct investigator at Logically, told The Hill there is “value in getting absent that anonymity, specially when its staying weaponised to drive harmful information”.

“In some situations [anonymity] implies they straight-up can lie about their identification,” he explained. “In other scenarios, for the reason that they are shielded from accountability … it allows them to put up stuff that is far more daring, more extremist and that helps make the harmful content far more unsafe.”

The scientists also found facts linking the account to a different influential conspiracy theorist and filmmaker, Jordan Sather.

Mr Sather claimed that he realized the individual who ran the qthewakeup account, identifying them as male and as an individual who served him movie his 2018 conspiracy-laden documentary “Above Majestic”.

Logically spoke with Mr Sather, who claimed that he made the “qthewakeup” account, and Mr Sciotte claimed that Mr Sather utilized his information to sign up the account.

However, the researchers uncovered that the account was originally established in 2009, its tackle, “jfromjupiter”, was a reference to Mr Sciotte’s band.

Mr Sather’s explanation also does not demonstrate the account’s earliest action, nor does it reveal responses Mr Sather has made proclaiming he will be setting up a new podcast with a “friend” who runs the qthewakeup Twitter tackle.

Logically’s preceding investigations into QAnon believers has resulted in whole web sites being shuttered.

In just one circumstance, Logically revealed the identification of the particular person who ran the site QMap, which compiled the “Q drops” in a central spot and drew a large variety of visitors.

Right after becoming revealed, the proprietor of the website took it down.